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Trip to Sydney: 5 Family-Friendly Spots to Visit by Car

Trip to Sydney 5 Family-Friendly Spots to Visit by Car

If you decide to visit Australia, you will surely find yourself in its largest city. Sydney is a huge metropolis that will amaze you with its versatility and many interesting places. Having visited it with the whole family you will be surprised by the beauty of its landscapes, as well as excellent opportunities in terms of sightseeing for both you and your children. In order not to wander aimlessly through the city streets, pick up a car rental in Sydney 7 seater and go to the best attractions of the city…

Royal Botanic Gardens

Royal Botanic Gardens, Australia

This is a famous landmark of Sydney and the whole of Australia. Huge botanical gardens cover the area of ​​about 30 hectares, on which thousands of species of diverse plants grow. The Royal Botanic Gardens are within walking distance of Opera House and Sydney’s business center, so there are always a lot of people there.

What to do in the gardens?

⦁ Inspect the flora and fauna. In the tropical zone, be sure to meet foxes and parrots, if you are careful enough. In general, a walk across the entire botanical garden will take more than one hour, so look only at areas of particular interest to you.

⦁ Take a swim in the pool and have a picnic on the lawn.
⦁ Inspect Mrs Macquarie’s Chair. This is a stone bench carved directly into the rock, by order of Elizabeth Macquarie, the wife of one of the governors. Elizabeth admired the harbor from the bench, and now from there you can see the Opera House and Sydney Bridge.

Of course, on the territory of the Botanical Garden there are souvenir shops and cafes. In addition, you can take a ride there on a panoramic tram.

Address: Mrs Macquaries Rd, Sydney NSW 2000

Bondi Beach

bondi beach, australia

The popular Sydney beach with white sand and azure water attracts locals and tourists like a magnet. This is due to the fact that it’s located near the city – at the distance of 8 km, and with the length of the coastline of 6 km it can accommodate everyone.
The beach has been granted several awards for clean water and excellent infrastructure. In general, there’s much to do on the beach, and the view opening from there is breathtaking. Undoubtedly, you must visit this attraction at least once, because Bondi Beach is a world famous place. Bondi Beach has suitable waves for surfing, while the fans of a more passive pastime can enjoy numerous cafes, shops and restaurants on the coastline.

Address: Bondi Beach, NSW 2026

Sea Life Sydney Aquarium

sea life sydney aquarium, australia

This is a place that everyone needs to visit, because the incredible scale will shake the imagination of even sophisticated travelers. Just imagine: 7 million liters of water! Water for the pool is taken in the nearest harbor, the injection rate is 0.5 million liters per hour.
The oceanarium consists of four zones, in accordance with the waterfowl inhabitants living in each of them. Aquarium zones include river zone, ocean zone and shark zone. Sydney Aquarium features the longest underwater tunnel in the world: its length is 160 meters, and it runs through these three parts.
Another interesting place in the aquarium is a reserve full of seals – they walk freely right near the visitors and can even be touched if desired.
The zone of the Great Barrier Reef stands apart. It’s an exact miniature copy of a natural reef, many times reduced. Half of the total budget of the oceanarium was spent on the construction of this marine diorama! The scope of the attraction will impress even the most indifferent tourist. A self-guided tour of the Sydney aquarium will be remembered by everyone.
It should be visited anyway, especially considering the loyal price of the admission ticket, which is only $30AUD/person.

Address: 1-5 Wheat Rd, Sydney NSW 2000

Susannah Place Museum

susannah palace museum, australia

Do you want to go on an interesting excursion in Sydney? Susannah Place Museum will be a nice choice. This place is a modest attraction – it can’t be found in all guidebooks.
However, the museum is worth your attention. It’s a house consisting of several floors, each of which has rooms. The idea of ​​the museum is to convey the atmosphere and life of Sydney in the early twentieth century. There’s an interesting exposition: the rooms are furnished in different styles in accordance with a particular historical era. The museum is named Susannah Place in honor of the woman who once lived in this house. It’s rather dilapidated, since the house is not being repaired purposefully to preserve the historical atmosphere.
You can get to the museum only with an excursion. The stories that the guide tells will help you plunge into the atmosphere of people of the XIX-XX centuries, to feel what it’s like to live without modern technology and minimal amenities. On the ground floor of the museum there’s a souvenir shop where you can buy trifles from the everyday life of those times.

Address: 58/64 Gloucester St, The Rocks NSW 2000

Taronga Zoo Sydney

taronga zoo sydney, australia

The Sydney Zoo was opened in 1884, and it’s Australia’s first zoo. Since then, the number of animals has grown from 30 to 1,000 individuals from around the world. Taronga is now one of the best zoos in Sydney. In 2011, he received a national award and was named Australia’s Best.
Tips for visitors to the zoo:
⦁ Plan a route in advance – at the entrance you will receive a map. Standard routes are marked on the map
⦁ Watch the daily show
⦁ Take a sunscreen and pick some light clothes
⦁ Take a souvenir photo
⦁ Visit any of 6 different cafes serving tasty local delicacies
Address: Bradleys Head Rd, Mosman NSW 2088