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girl astronaut coloring page

Astronaut Coloring Pages

Astronauts take part in space expeditions. They command, steer or serve on board a spaceship and carry out scientific investigations in space stations.

The term cosmonaut comes from the Greek words for space and seafarer. Astronaut goes back to the words for star and seafarer. The Russians start space travelers into the earth orbit, the Americans even star driver.

As an astronaut you go into space and work six rocket hours away from Earth in the International Space Station ISS. Here you are part of a scientific research team that exploits the special conditions of space to carry out experiments. In complete weightlessness, you will devote yourself to developments in physics and materials research, grow protein crystals or test commercial products. You will also carry out astronomical observations. Another important task is the maintenance of the space station. You repair technical objects or exchange devices.

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  • girl astronaut coloring page
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