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Scary Halloween Coloring Pages

Originally, hundreds of years ago, Halloween was an autumn festival of druids in ancient England. It was the only night of the year, people believed, when witches and spirits walked the earth. Almost every child knows that Halloween has something to do with ghosts, witches and disguises, but hardly anyone has a clue what Halloween is really all about.

Already over 2000 years ago the Celts in old England celebrated a big festival at the end of summer – at that time it was still called ‘Samhain’. October 31st was the last day of the year for the Celts, because they had a different calendar than we have today. The summer was said goodbye with big fires and at the same time the winter was greeted. The people thanked their sun god for the harvest they had brought in during the warm season and also remembered the souls of the deceased. The sun god was now, at the beginning of the dark winter time, replaced by the Celtic god of the dead. The Celts firmly believed that the souls of the deceased would return to earth as spirits on the night of October 31 to return to their homes. But what about the spirits and homeless souls who, despite the great fires that were lit along the way, did not find their way and wandered desperately? Nothing good was to be expected from them, they haunted through the night, frightened peaceful people and did their mischief with them.

Scary Halloween Coloring Pages

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