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Animal Coloring Pages
The “forgotten” art of coloring is making a comeback. The benefits of coloring have been all over the news and internet recently. Studies have even been conducted that prove the numerous benefits of coloring for children and even for adults. There have even been infomercials for adult coloring books, touting their therapeutic benefits.
For children, the benefits of coloring go far beyond artistic endeavors and help them develop skills they will need in all areas of their lives. The simple act of holding a crayon to color helps develop the hand strength that will be necessary when they begin learning to write. Putting the crayon to the paper, making the back and forth motions, and filling in the lines with color helps develop hand and eye coordination and fine motor skills that will also be needed when learning to write. This simple, creative act also teaches children relaxation and patience. Coloring has these same benefits for adults. The repetitive motion of coloring has been proven in studies to relax the mind and body, lower stress levels, and lower blood pressure. Patience is learned in beginning a color page and watching the progress to completion. One of the most important lessons coloring can teach is focus. It takes focus to color in each individual section of a coloring page, to stay within the lines, and to work on the page to completion. Staying within the lines also teaches children spatial relationships and boundaries that will be necessary for writing.
To make children want to color, the coloring page itself needs to be something that interests them, something they enjoy. Something all children love is animals and there are many realistic animal coloring pages available online for free. The website http://www.onlycoloringpages.com/animal_coloring_pages has an amazing selection of animal coloring pages. Not only are they very realistic, there are multiple coloring pages available for each animal. (There are 10 choices for a sloth alone.) This can also be an educational tool, showing the many varieties of each animal. Realistic coloring pages allow children to identify with things that are a part of their world. If a child has the opportunity to go to a zoo and see the animals and is then given the chance to find some animal coloring pages to print, not only are they getting all of the numerous benefits of coloring, they have helped in going online and finding the animal coloring pages in PDF, and they have a cheap, creative souvenir of their trip that they make themselves. Allowing children to color pictures of things that interest them and that they like, makes them more inclined to want to pick up their crayons or colored pencils.
So on the next rainy day when your child is bored, if your child is feeling anxious or agitated about something, or if you want to help them create a memory of something you have done together, go online, find some animal coloring pages to print, and have a fun time together. The relaxation benefits aren’t just for children!