INSTASAVE – Instagram Tool for Download Photos and Videos Online

InstaSave It is extremely simple and fast to share your photos and videos on various social networks with the online mobile application Instagram. Indeed, this one integrates Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, so each of your publications on your Instagram account will also automatically appear on your Facebook accounts, Twitter and Tumblr associates, if you have any.

INSTASAVE - Instagram Tool for Download Photos and Videos Online

However, some limitations prevent the download of Instagram content to your mobile device, so many users are looking for ways to save Instagram video or Instagram photos to retrieve their favorite content for later enjoyment or sharing with Instagram their friends. There are various methods to achieve this, tailored to each operating system.


It’s no secret that Apple has many limitations on its hardware and apps available, especially when it comes to recording and downloading video files online. However, the following two programs can bypass these restrictions on iOS devices.

This easy-to-use program is perfectly compatible with iOS devices and allows its users to record the activity on the screen without having to pre-jailbreak their iPhone / iPad. With a single click, it projects the iOS screen to that of the computer from which a video is recorded.

The application we are going to use here is Instagram +, which is a modified version of Instagram.
As Instagram + is a modified version of Instagram then you can remove your old Instagram application to install it or keep both finally using two Instagram accounts in one phone.

go to Instagram +

Copy the link +

go to website +

paste link and Download!